Garden of Remembrance

We are particularly proud of our landscaped grounds, which have been greatly improved in the recent past by our resident award-winning horticulturalists.

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The main Garden of Remembrance is laid out as a lawned area, set with a wide variety of trees and shrubs, chosen for their beauty and colour. It is split into sixty numbered plots, divided according to religious denomination.

Cremated remains may be strewn in the Garden, beneath the surface of the ground. This is normally done loosely, although urns or caskets may be used if required. All strewing of remains is respectfully done by our own staff. 

We regret that we are unable to offer witnessed strewing of cremated remains. 


It is important to note that each plot will contain a large number of cremated remains, and our records will only record the general plot number, rather than a more specific location within the plot. Because of these factors, once remains are placed in the Garden of Remembrance, it is normally not possible to have them exhumed at a future date. Likewise, we can offer no guarantee that a particular plot will still be available for future use by other family members.


Plan of the Garden of Remembrance

Many of the plots are full or not currently available for use.

For ease of reference, you can download a map of the Garden, by clicking here: Garden of Remembrance Map