Paperwork for Arrangement of

Funerals and Memorials

The following forms are provided for the use of persons wishing to arrange funeral services or memorials at Gwent Crematorium. They are in Adobe Acrobat format, so that any computer user is able to use the files. If you do not already have suitable software, it is available free of charge at


General Information for Users of the Gwent Crematorium

This booklet gives our rules and regulations, general helpful advice, and guidance in many matters relating both to the day of the funeral and afterwards

Click here: Information for Crematorium Users



This is a list of the hymns in our hymnal, including the number of verses

Click here: Hymn list

Alternatively, you can download a copy of our complete hymnal - an exact copy of the one used in the chapel.

Click here: Hymnal


Memorials Brochure (Includes Map of Gardens)

Click here: Memorials Brochure


Recycling of Metals

Download and print a three fold colour leaflet explaining the details of the scheme to recycle metals recovered following cremation.

Click here: Recycling Leaflet


Charter for the Bereaved

A series of eighteen informative leaflets are available from our Charter for the Bereaved page.


Statutory forms for cremation

Please contact us directly for statutory forms, to ensure you have the correct ones for your needs.


Declaration of Variation in the Name of the Deceased Form

To be used in cases where a coffin name plate is carry a name different to the exact wording on the registrar's certificate for cremation or the coroner's certificate 6 for cremation.

This is a non-statutory form specifically for use at Gwent Crematorium

Click here: Declaration of variation of the name of the deceased


Change of Instruction for Disposal of Cremated Remains Form

To be used in cases where the applicant wishes to change the arrangements for the disposal of cremated remains after the preliminary application form has been forwarded to the crematorium.

This is a non-statutory form specifically for use at Gwent Crematorium

Click here: Change of instruction for cremated remains