The Chapel and Music

The chapel is equipped with solid English oak furniture, and fittings of Ashburton Marble, a fine quality stone found in Devon, England.  Music is available from a choice of sources, either played live by an organist of your choice, on compact disc, or by means of our "Wesley" computerised music system, which enables you to choose any commercially available music for the service. 

Entrances and exits to the chapel is fully ramped, allowing easy access for the less mobile. Dedicated spaces are offered to wheelchair users, and an inductive loop system is in operation to assist hearing aid users.

The seating capacity is around 120, with standing room for a further 50 people. Should this still prove insufficient, a public address system operates in the cloisters at the chapel entrance. The service is relayed to the cloisters on video too, on a large plasma display panel.

We welcome funerals from people of all denominations and beliefs. On request, the wooden cross at the front of the chapel can be removed.

Services may be recorded onto compact disc by request - a fee of 46.00 is payable for this.

We are able to broadcast services live over the world wide web - a fee of 92.00 is payable for this.

We can also offer video recordings of services on DVD or USB stick - a fee of 92.00 is payable for this.

Major improvement works have recently taken place, including lowering the catafalque to ease the burden on bearers, and replacing the carpet. We have replaced the organ with a new digital model to further enhance the service offered to you. Funeral services in the height of Summer will now benefit, too, from a new air cooling system in the chapel, aimed at increasing your comfort.

We provide hymn books offering a range of suitable funeral hymns for Christian funerals, but you are free to sing any other hymns or songs. In this case, you would need to supply copies of the words. Your funeral director should be able to assist with this.

Our catalogue of commercial music tracks currently on our music system is constantly updated as new music is ordered, and may be viewed online here:

Commercial Music Available on Instant Access

You may place an order for any other music requirements either by telephoning the crematorium directly, where trained staff will be pleased to help.

Please note that for reasons of copyright, we are unable to accept home-recorded compact discs and tapes.