Book of Remembrance



The Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance offers a simple and permanent memorial, and is our most popular option. The book has a separate page for each day. The pages are turned on a daily basis so that a lasting record appears on the anniversary date chosen. The date may be a birthday, wedding anniversary, date of death, or any other date which holds significance to you.

The books themselves are hand made and gold-tooled in fine leathers. The inscriptions are made entirely by hand by some of the finest and most experienced calligraphic artists in the country. Individually painted emblems, badges, flowers etc can be placed alongside entries of five lines and over.

Our Book of Remembrance is available to view online. No fees are charged to view the book in this way.

To see it, click here

If you wish to place an inscription in the Book of Remembrance, we will gladly send you a full colour brochure, and all necessary application forms.

We would recommend that you take time to browse some of the pages of our on-line Book of Remembrance, to help provide inspiration for your inscription. However, a small selection of examples are shown below:


It is also possible to order memorial cards, inscribed with either the lines you have chosen for the Book of Remembrance, or some other appropriate inscription.

The cards are of the highest quality, and are inscribed by the same specialist calligraphers as the Book of Remembrance. An example is shown below.



Price List

2 line inscription in Book of Remembrance 66.00
5 line inscription in Book of Remembrance 129.00
8 line inscription in Book of Remembrance 192.00
Emblem or badge (in Book of Remembrance or on Memorial Card) 61.00
2 Line Memorial Card 20.00
5 Line Memorial Card 29.00
8 Line Memorial Card 36.00

If you wish to arrange an inscription, please contact us for a full colour brochure and the necessary application forms.