Stone Memorials



Inscribed Granite Plaques

For those wishing to have a personal vase in which to place flowers, granite plaques are available which can be inscribed with suitable inscriptions.

Please note that only fresh flowers are permitted in the vases. Artificial flowers and any other unauthorised items will be removed.



Memorial Vases

The simpler of the three types available is the memorial vase block. This consists of an inscribed granite tablet mounted on a honey coloured granite or, when available, yorkstone base. These are available on a ten year lease, which can be extended at any time.




Sanctum 12 Above-ground Vault 

The larger of the memorial plaques, the Sanctum 12, is an above ground vault, in which two sets of cremated remains may be placed if you wish. The vault is secured by a large inscribed granite fascia plaque secured with decorative rosettes. Each tablet is fitted with a posy vase for your flowers.

The vaults are arranged in groups of twelve - three rows of four. Many people have reported difficulty in bending to ground level to tend the Sanctum 2000 vaults previously offered. This new design offers more flexibility in the height of the plaque, hence allowing easier accessibility.

These vaults are offered on a twenty or forty year lease - the choice is yours. The leases can be extended at any time.



There is plenty of space on the inscribed black granite plaque for a full inscription in memory of your loved ones.





Sanctum 2000 Above-ground Vaults

The Sanctum 2000 are similar to the Sanctum 12 units, but are at ground level. The vaults will hold up to two sets of remains, behind an inscribed black granite tablet. Each vault is supplied with an individual vase for your floral tributes.

These vaults are offered on a twenty or forty year lease. (It is possible to extend the lease at any time.)



Price List

Memorial Vase Block INC PLAQUE & LETTERING 566.00
Sanctum 12 or 2000 & Plaque (20 year lease) - INCLUDES FIRST 80 LETTERS 1463.00
Sanctum 12  or 2000 & Plaque (40 year lease) - INCLUDES FIRST 80 LETTERS 2253.00
Extension of lease from 20 to 40 years 790.00
Replacement Plaque - INCLUDES FIRST 80 LETTERS 206.00
Additional Lettering (per letter) 3.00
Second Interment in Sanctum Vaults 132.00


If you wish to arrange a memorial, please contact us for a full colour brochure

and all the necessary application forms.