Charter for the Bereaved

Gwent Crematorium is operated by the Greater Gwent Cremation Committee, comprising elected members from Newport City Council, and the County Borough Councils of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire and Torfaen. 

It is our intention to offer a high standard of care and options, enabling each member of the community to arrange a funeral which is meaningful to them and their family. An important part of this service is to care for the environment and use nature and wildlife to enhance our crematorium.

The service has adopted the Charter for the Bereaved, issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. The Charter is a commitment to improving the services offered by confronting rather than disguising the death experience and by reducing ignorance. It defines the rights of the bereaved and offers greater influence over funeral arrangements, thereby controlling costs and potentially improving satisfaction levels.

The Charter currently guarantees 35 rights, which have been integrated into our services and is a written statement of what can be expected when you use our service.

Gwent Crematorium was initially granted the Silver Award by the Charter for the Bereaved administrative team, and has maintained this accreditation ever since.

The majority of people know little about funerals and how they can organise a funeral to satisfy their beliefs, lifestyle or other needs. We are committed to giving you the knowledge that you require to be in control when a funeral needs to be arranged. We can advise you about how to organise the funeral, and help you instruct a funeral director to meet your personal and financial needs. A series of free leaflets are available, which can be downloaded and printed from the links below:-

1 Funeral Pre-arrangement Details 10 Guiding Principles for Burial and Cremation Services
2 What to do After a Loss 11 Details from Natural Death Centre
3 Example of a Living Will 12 Information on Embalming
4 Guide to Independent Funerals 13 Burials in Private Land
5 Questions People Ask About Burial 14 Charter Grievance Procedure
6 Questions People Ask About Cremation 15 Using a Funeral Director
7 Guide to Independent Cremation 16 Cremation Service and Process
8 Outline of a Secular Cremation Service 17 Table of fees 2018-2019
9 Code of Cremation Practice 18 Information on Coffins