Caskets, Urns & Jewellery

Caskets and Urns

When cremated remains are to be collected from the crematorium, they will be presented in an ecologically sound bio-degradable card box, which is commonly required for churchyard burial.

Should neither of these options be appropriate, we can supply a number of different caskets, urns and even specially made Teddy bears, detailed below.

These items are not held in stock, except where marked otherwise, but will be ready for you to collect in approximately 24 hours. Please note that our stock varies from time to time, and we sometimes have other caskets, urns and keepsakes available.

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Oak casket 43.00 (kept in stock for immediate delivery)

A solid oak casket suitable for the cremated remains of an adult.


Small casket 34.00

Suitable for small amounts of cremated remains, perhaps as a keepsake.

Also suitable for the cremated remains of infants. 


Small Keepsake Urns

Suitable for token amounts of remains, or perhaps for the remains of an infant. 

Mendip keepsake 41.00

Pennine keepsake 41.00

Cairngorm keepsake 41.00

Brecon keepsake 41.00

Cheviot keepsake 41.00

Cariad Heart keepsake -gold or silver finish 80.00 (large) 0r 41.00 (small)




Large urns

Suitable for the cremated remains of adults.

Mandalay urn - Burgundy or Navy Blue  60.00

Mendip urn 201.00

Pennine urn 201.00

Cairngorm urn 201.00

Brecon urn 201.00


Memory Bears

A zipped compartment in Teddy's back opens to hold perhaps a token of your loved one's remains, or some special memento. Our bears are just the right size to snuggle up to when you need a friend. Our bears are kept in stock, ready for you to adopt.












Keep your the one you love close to you - always and forever.

We can supply a selection of yellow or white gold and sterling silver jewellery, individually made to contain a small quantity of your loved one's ashes. We would be more than pleased to show you the beautiful pieces we can have made for you.

A detailed brochure with a full price list is sent to every person who applies for a cremation. We will be pleased to send out further copies on request.